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About maths300

maths300 is our attempt to find the 300 most interesting and innovative maths lessons from classrooms across Australia. It is an exciting online resource for mathematics teachers from 0–12, offering over 175 lesson plans, all of which support current curriculum and teaching strands.

maths300 lessons are innovative and easy to use. Each lesson is built around a classroom script which you can use today or adapt for tomorrow. You also receive worksheets, solutions, extension problems and helpful hints, as well as reflective comments from other teachers. Many of the lessons are supported by software which provides an extra platform for learning.

About maths300

What makes maths300 different?

Open-ended investigations

maths300 is less prescriptive than traditional pedagogy.  The lessons build on important algorithmic skills, but also encourage students to develop reasoning and communication skills beyond the textbook. Students are often required to work in groups, to think creatively and to apply a number of different strategies to solve a problem. This process is called Working Mathematically and features in most lessons. The extensions section provides huge scope for extended investigations and cross-curricula activities.

A focus on fun!

math300 encourages a non-threatening classroom environment.  We believe optimum learning occurs when a student is genuinely interested in a problem and, like a real mathematician, wants to solve it. Each lesson begins with a story shell to pique students’ interest and uses concrete materials and meaningful contexts to engage the students.  The problem-solving strategies are creative, kinaesthetic and collaborative, often taking the children out of the classroom and into the real world. In this way, maths300 appeals to students of all learning styles.

Professional development opportunities

maths300 aims to generate dialogue between teachers.  The classroom contributions and reflective comments provide a platform for teachers to debate and discuss mathematics education – what strategies are working and what needs to change.  Through maths300, we aim to share your wisdom and experience with teachers and improve mathematics education in the process.  As a maths300 subscriber, you will also have access to professional workshops.  Please see our professional development page for more information.

What the teachers are saying

maths300 would not exist without the valued contributions and creativity of classroom teachers.  Teachers of maths300 have reported enormous changes to their mathematics lessons, with maths becoming exciting and cheerful.  The lessons are used as ‘templates’ to modify existing lessons and enrich teachers’ repertoires of teaching strategies. Students typically alienated by maths are more engaged, while the more capable students are offered challenges through the extensions section.

We encourage regular feedback from our members through our classroom contributions.

Explore for yourself

To explore maths300, you are welcome to try the free sample tour or view a complete list of lessons available.

A short history of maths300

maths300 lessons are presented in an illustrative style based on the Mathematics Curriculum and Teaching Program (MCTP) style. The MCTP is arguably the most successful professional development program prior to maths300. The Program launched two fondly remembered activity books (and several other publications) which can still be found on library shelves in schools throughout Australia and elsewhere across the world. These activity books are presented in a style which suggests to the reader that they are part of a classroom in which a mathematical adventure is unfolding. The books are now out of print, but maths300 is renewed and includes this philosophy and style.


If you still have queries regarding maths300 subscriptions, lessons and implementation in the classroom, you may find your answer in the Further Information, or please contact us.